64pixels 0.2.2

Likely the final release of the Java version of 64pixels.

FIX: Fix pushiums not being placeable.
MISC: The map-ticks (aka physics-speed) option is now added by default to the client config.txt.

64pixels 0.2.1

A new release!? In February 2016!?!?
This release compiles all the work done on 64pixels during Summer 2013.

NEW: Fixed server list, at long last!
OLD/BREAKING: Wirium colours do not mix anymore.
^ THIS MAY BREAK WORLDS, but it's unlikely
It will, however, break Wirium-based rave floors. Sorry!
OLD: Changed default server port to 20064.
OLD: Massive refactors throughout the codebase.
OLD: Improved scaling code.
OLD: Added protection code by SuperDisk - now you can protect your builds!
OLD: Added annoying help windows on right-click to most UI buttons.
OLD: Improvements to packet usage.
OLD: Wirium rendering glitch bugfixes.
OLD: Restore support for 0.0.x maps. In theory.
MISC: Deleted bears and tigers. Buggy and glitchy.
MISC: Game relicensed under the MIT License.

64pixels 0.2

NEW: Resizeable playfield! Maximize and enjoy the glory of BLOCKS EVERYWHERE
NEW: Health bar! For /pvp and singleplayer!
FIX: Bullet fixes!
FIX: Bullets are now triggered when the map is loaded.
FIX: Minor secret world fix.


NEW: Changed the way dupes work. The previous one was horrible.

64pixels 0.1.11

NEW: Duplicators!
FIX: Fixed a bug where you could shoot in ALL DIRECTIONS. AT ONCE.


FIX: Pusher pushing Pushium places Pusher heads.


FIX: Yet Another Pusher Bug.

64pixels 0.1.10

NEW: Stopium! Blocks which make Pushers STOP RIGHT THERE!
FIX: Fixed a few more Pusher bugs.


FIX: Pushers pulling pusher heads.

64pixels 0.1.9

NEW: Pushers! (no, not pistons, those are different... and pushers are not 3D!)


FIX: Fixed a possible server packet data overflow bug.
FIX: Possibly some other stuff, I CANNOT RECALL

64pixels (server)

FIX: Fixed a dungeon-gen bug.

64pixels 0.1.8

NEW: Dungeons! Use /adddungeon to create them.
NEW: GreaseMonkey's much improved restricted visibility/raycast algorithm!
FIX: Started rewriting code in preparation for Android port.
FIX: Possible bugfixes.
MISC: Added Opium
MISC: /rays is now /raycast

64pixels (client)

NEW: Important performance improvement!

64pixels 0.1.7

NEW: Restricted viewing! You can't see behind stuff! Turn on with /rays (ops, multiplayer). WARNING: it's a minor cpu eater NEW: Extend blocks double your signal length!
MISC: Started documenting... stuff

64pixels (server)

FIX: Fixed a tick speed bug.


NEW: Mute button! F7
FIX: Fixed a PvP scoring bug.
FIX: Fixed a bullet sensor distance bug.
FIX: Minor cosmetic fixes.


FIX: Fixed a PvP bullet bug.
FIX: Fixed a minor cosmetic warps bug.
FIX: Fixed a major map-ticks setup bug.

64pixels 0.1.6

NEW: Per-world spawn and warp settings!
NEW: PM support! /msg
FIX: Some fixes here and there
FIX: Fixed the server failing to send a kick message

64pixels (server)

FIX: Fixed a meloder bug related to multiworld.
FIX: Fixed a Bodder bug in multiplayer.
FIX: Made PvP per-world, rather than per-server.


FIX: Fixed a bug where the other maps weren't saved.


NEW: Fixed a major bug which caused the user to eat 100% CPU/server and the server to eat 100% CPU/user.
MISC: Sorry, Svetlana. I'd like to apologize for my constant blaming.

64pixels 0.1.5

NEW: Multiworld! /worlds /addworld /delworld /load, also /return


NEW: Easier embedding!
FIX: Fixed two display bugs
FIX: Fixed a bug when you could get killed at spawn on and on and on.
MISC: Trying to fix a major server slowdown bug


FIX: Pumulty bug REALLY fixed

64pixels 0.1.4

NEW: Draggable, multiple windows!
NEW: Player char/color changing!
MISC: Default config file generated
MISC: Some big client optimizations


FIX: Pumulty bug fixed

64pixels 0.1.3

FIX: Fixed applets
MISC: Removed useless features

64pixels 0.1.2

NEW: Hideous prompts for newbs
NEW: Breakable blocks!
FIX: Maplock fix
FIX: Minor phrasing/color changes
FIX: Code improvement
FIX: CraftrAuth changes.
FIX: /copy /paste bugfix!
FIX: Debug code removal
FIX: Major pushable bugfix


FIX: Bodder fix

64pixels 0.1.1

NEW: (broken) Map locking
NEW: Death stats for PvP
New: Bodder, a block modifier!


FIX: Changed serverlist URL as GLaDOS was testing CloudFlare.


FIX: Minor fixups.

64pixels 0.1

NEW: PvP mode!
NEW: Major source code cleanup
NEW: Bullets, Cannona, Bullsor
FIX: Fixed a horrible networking bug from 0.0.1.
MISC: Improved player delta protocol (less bytes sent!)
MISC: Documented chunk format (on github).


FIX: Fixed doors in multiplayer.

64pixels 0.0.12

NEW: GreaseMonkey joins the official Github contributors!
NEW: Bmodders, a new block type
FIX: REALLY made players not flicker
FIX: Fixed plates and roofies being overwritten by pushium


NEW: /import and /export! FIX: Fixed pushium-not-working-in-multiplayer (cleanup sideeffect)
FIX: Fixed quite a bit of server/client bugs
FIX: Made players not flicker


NEW: Big cleanup in CraftrMap! :o
NEW: Op /identify!
FIX: Some server bugfixes


FIX: Server bugfixes.


FIX: Fixed some serverlist name bugs
NEW: Private mode (i think)

64pixels 0.0.11

NEW: Serverlist! :o
NEW: Commands (/say /me /warps /help and more!)


FIX: Fixed the block history menu which I broke back in 0.0.10
FIX: Changed position update frequency again




Mostly bugfixes, didn't keep track of what was changed

64pixels 0.0.10

NEW: Pushiums, Pensors, Pumultys: The toolkit to making pushable blocks!
NEW: Minor UI changes, may become useful!
FIX: A fix of the map saving code that should be done a few months ago, but I didn't know of the bug.


NEW: When you have Melodium blocks picked, you can see what note they give in the char window!
FIX: A really important server stability fixup (kept crashing the main server)
FIX: A fix related to color chat

64pixels 0.0.9

NEW: Roofies! Blocks you walk under.
NEW: Copy/paste for ops! /copy and /paste
NEW: You can use color in chat (&1-&9 and &A-&F)
FIX: Some server stability fixes.
MISC: Code cleanup and useless stuff removal.

64pixels 0.0.8

NEW: Sound blocks, thanks to GreaseMonkey's sound library! (planned since October)
NEW: Sound for plates and doors!
NEW: Screenshot functionality! (saves to the .64pixels directory, use F4)
FIX: Maybe some minor fixes


FIX: The plate pulse is now a 4-pulse.
FIX: Doors do not destroy bandwidth now.

64pixels 0.0.7

NEW: Password protection! password=[password] in config.txt.
NEW: Warps! Read server's help.txt for details. (/setwarp, /warp)
FIX: Fixed a lot of bugs related to plates and doors.


Server-only update!
FIX: Attempted fixing a critical cache bug.


Client-only update!
NEW: Applet!


Server-only update!
FIX: Fixed a bug where blocks were not refreshed properly. :(


FIX: Fixed a bug in multiplayer when while walking over a plate, it would keep current.
FIX: Tried to fix race conditions AGAIN, this time I think I was more successful.
FIX: Fixed a bug where plates and doors would not connect to other wirium blocks.
FIX: Now you can move your player and hold the mouse buttons, instead of repeatedly clicking them.

64pixels 0.0.6

NEW: Doors and plates!
FIX: Tried to fix race conditions, doubt I did that.


MISC: This one is actually uploaded.
MISC: char-scaler=(0..1) and bg-scaler=(0..1)
For bg-scaler, 1 is Scale2x, thanks to public domain code made by Kevin Glass!
Download the code at
For char-scaler, 0 is default and 1 is nearest neighbour, in case you enjoy pixels.
MISC: Untested optimizations to Wirium added, but common logic says they should work.
They increase the performance 10 times in singleplayer, but i'm not adding it to multiplayer yet.


FIX: Fixes a bug where the multiplayer player position would be saved as the singleplayer one.
MISC: A new config value!
physics-speed=30 for the amount of times physics stuff (Wirium) runs a second
30 is SP default, 10 is MP default, 0 or "max" (or going over 1000) is as fast as your PC can.


FIX: Singleplayer (and ops in multiplayer) - Press F to see a block's block type!


FIX: Fixed a server&client-side minor Wirium bug.
FIX: /who is now available to all users!

64pixels (Wirfix)

FIX: Fixed a server-side block placement bug.
FIX: Fixed a bug with P-NANDs and Crossuhs.
FIX: No more graphical glitches!

64pixels 0.0.5 (Wirium)

It's worth it to re-download the server.
NEW: Wire blocks! Read wirium.txt for more info.
FIX: A fix where hotkeys still worked in the char window.
FIX: A fix where the chat message was not split right.


I know, but you have to re-download the server again...
FIX: A chunk bug has been fixed! There should be no more critical bugs left.


You MUUUUUST redownload the server AGAIN!
FIX: Even more critical multiplayer bugfixagery.

64pixels 0.0.4

You MUUUUUST redownload the server!!!
FIX: Changing the char now also changes the char bar's offset.
FIX: Tons of multiplayer fixes, too much to count here actually...


You should redownload the server, but you don't have to
NEW: Nagle's algorithm disabled by default! (To re-enable it, add "use-nagle=1" to the client's or server's config.txt)
NEW: The server now auto-saves the map every 10 minutes!
MISC: Changed the server's algorithm to the old one. (To re-enable the old one, add "send-algorithm=1" to the server's config.txt)

64pixels 0.0.3

You have to redownload the server!
NEW: Ops! Bans! Kicks! Teleports! Check "help.txt" in the server download.
NEW: You can now have much longer chat messages.
FIX: Fixed a bug in the server and the client where using a map chunk size other than 64 could cause erratic behaviour.
FIX: Fixed a bug in the client where when the spawn point was changed, not all chunks would be downloaded.


No need to redownload the server.
NEW: You can now input much longer chat messages! They are automatically split
NEW: In the lower-right corner of the char and color menus are special numbers which you can use for modding!
FIX: A bugfix where typing in chat while in WSAD mode could make you move.
MISC: Minor block history menu improvment.

64pixels 0.0.2

You MUST redownload the server!
NEW: Block history menu! Press B!
NEW: WSAD mode! Just add "wsad-mode=1" to the config.txt file!
(the config.txt is in C:\Documents and Settings\username\.64pixels or
C:\Users\username\.64pixels or /home/username/.64pixels)
NEW: Nicknames! Your server can now have nicknames!
(run server with /a to disable this)
NEW: Server parameters! Run server with /h to find them all!
FIX: The server wouldn't make chunks over 1KB send, crashing clients.
FIX: When a window is open, you can't "see" the players through.
MISC: Some minor keyboard improvements.


You do not have to redownload the server!
FIX: Fixes 2 bugs that crashed the game in multiplayer mode.
FIX: You can now make the window smaller!
MISC: A possible server sending algorithm improvment (not really sure it does anything)


NEW: New name! :D
NEW: You can now scale the window!
NEW: Improved input code!
NEW: You can now paste the IP address using the clipboard!

craftr 0.0.1

NEW: Menu stuff
NEW: Bar redesign to be nicer and easier!
NEW: You can now use the MIDDLE mouse button to copy a block's parameters
Lots more...

NEW: Players now have names (and there's a trick you can use to change it)! Hover over a player to see it.
NEW: Map format changed (again... this gets boring, you know?)
NEW: Graphic engine "optimization" (explained on my blog,
FIX: You can now quit the game by closing the window.
FIX: The game now saves map data, no matter what way you use to turn the game off.
FIX: You can't now place a block behind yourself.
MISC: Made it easier to make future map format changes
MISC: Unified the function naming style a little bit.
MISC: Multiplayer preparations
MISC: Map generation fixups
MISC: Progressing fixes for an applet version (planned for

NEW: A window allowing you to choose a character from the whole charset! (A color equalivment might be coming when I get an idea how to do it well)
NEW: A window allowing you to choose a color in a much easier way!
NEW: A config file! Information on customizing it will be added in the new Modding section.
FIX: Fixed a bug in chunk cache handling (it didn't affect you directly, but it might have in future releases)
FIX: Fixed a bug where even if (somehow) the player char/color was changed, it would remain the default one.
MISC: Modified floor handling a bit; that also modified the chunk format. Don't worry, it does load the old format from and older!

NEW: Added some ways to modify the game's look (charset and palette).
MISC: Removed some of the debug messages.
MISC: Minimal internal code changes.
MISC: Little fixes here and there that might prove fruitful for future releases.

FIX: fixed a bug related to clicking on the bar

First version ever.