Welcome to the 64pixels tutorial! Here I'm going to explain the 64pixels interface to you.
When you first turn on the game and pick "Singleplayer", the first thing you see is something like this:

The numbers are as follows:
1. This is the playfield. It shows you all the blocks in your view.
2. This is you, the player.
3. This is the type of your block; if you want a different one, pick it with the arrows.
4. This picks betweeen Ch(a)r and Col(or) editing mode. The current one is Char.
5. This displays the look of the block you're about to place.
6. This is the char bar. Use the arrows to pick a different set of 16 characters, and pick the character you like with your mouse.
7. These allow you to run windows, which ease picking chars and colors. The red smiley is the char window, and the blue smiley is the color one.

There is also the color bar:

The BG row allows you to pick the BACKGROUND color, and the FG row allows you to pick the foreground one.


Arrows/WSAD - move!
T - chat!
Shift+Arrows/WSAD - shoot and possibly kill someone
Mouse - essentially everything else:
Left mouse button - place a block!
Middle mouse button - copy a block!
Right mouse button - DELETE a block!


Floor, Wall - self-explanatory, really.
Wirium - Wire! It can transfer signal for up to 15 blocks, unless "regenerated" by P-NAND or Crossuh
P-NAND - Logic gate! The output is the direction of the arrow and the inputs are the 3 remaining directions. It's on when surrounded by 1 or 2 walls or activated blocks.
Crossuh - You can use it to cross wires!

This is a Wirium Handbook. It shows how logic gates and clocks can be made in 64pixels.

Plate - Step on it to generate signal!
Door - Open while it receives signal.
Meloder - Noteblock! The char decides on the octave (chars 240-247 are drums). It even has a special char window!
Roofy - You can walk below this block! (but not put anything except pushium below it)
Pushium - Pushable block!
Pensor - Senses pushable blocks the same (foreground) color as the sensor. (or all colors if it's black)
Pumulty - When it receives signal, it spawns a new pushable in the opposite direction! (black pumultys remove)
Bodder - Changes the block in the opposite direction to look like the Bodder
Cannona - Shoots bullets when you apply signal!
Bullsor - Senses bullets!
Break - Breakable wall.


In multiplayer, you might want to press T in order to chat. Also, type /who to see the player list!

To shoot, you can use SHIFT+arrows.
They only harm players in PvP mode, though!

Enjoy playing!